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September 20 2019

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Carl Sagan on Global Warming

Clip from Cosmos episode 4 - "Heaven and Hell" in the "Cosmos Update" section from 1990
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September 19 2019

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The way she moves ...
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Ramon Casas. Jove decadent. 1899

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Building nuclear weapons requires materials and labor, not just from scientists, but also from the men and women living in communities nearby. After the Cold War, many of the United States’ most crucial nuclear weapons production sites ‘closed’ and were forgotten, but not by workers and local communities, who were left to deal with the devastating, toxic legacy of these sites.

This is obvious at Hanford Waste Management Site, Washington. It is sometimes referred to as “the most toxic place in America,” yet most people will never have heard of it. While the workers and activists of Hanford speak out, their stories are dismissed because they demonstrate the real cost of nuclear weapons.

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