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July 02 2019

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October 28 2018

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July 27 2018

Maßstabsgetreue Darstellung von Größen und Abständen im Erde-Mond-System.

July 11 2018

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Global Imigration Map

„Wir können nicht alle aufnehmen.“ Das steht auch gar nicht zur Debatte!
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What if:  Africa Was Never Colonized By Europe?
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June 10 2018

Germans … (found on /r/Germany)
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June 03 2018

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November 20 2017




the real regions of europe

  • crystal clear tapwater
  • everyone eats dinner at 10pm
  • slav squat
  • brexit

How Europe is classified by the United Nations

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September 23 2017

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This map should be included in every history book.

This is so sad.

Then maybe white people will stop saying that that they are 1/64 of a 1/8 Cherokee

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August 28 2017

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The world’s network of undersea cables [8268 × 5177]

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August 15 2017

 "Building point cloud" != "Gebäude-Punktwolke" m)
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August 13 2017

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Surface Area
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August 07 2017

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tolkienist map of europe

June 21 2017

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May 08 2017

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April 25 2017

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Famous artwork in Europe

March 11 2017

February 22 2017

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February 15 2017

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